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My Fellow McLennan County Republicans,

The 2020 Election has arrived, and voting has started.  I want to give you a few thoughts about voting in this very critical election.

  • Voting in person will be safe and COVID Compliant.  You know that 46% of people who vote early do so in the first two days, and the last two days of early voting.  With 3 full weeks of early voting, everyone should find time to vote, even at a non-peak time to avoid the crowd.  Make use of the 2nd week which is likely to be the least crowded and avoid the lines.
  • Straight ticket voting is a thing of the past.  You need to vote all the way down the ballot this year.  Be aware that the municipal and school board races are sometimes at the top of the ballot, making critically important races like county commissioner at the very end.  VOTE ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BALLOT!
  • Take a friend to the polls.  Share the picture below with friends so that they know when and where they can vote.  If only 1/3 of you bring one extra person to the polls, that equates to a Republican landslide here in McLennan County.
  • We have so much at stake!  Imagine if Harris/Biden win. (Lord Help US) We can expect open borders, allowing illegal immigrants to vote, banning some of our most common hunting and personal protection weapons, abortion up until birth, socialized medicine, higher taxes, and a green new deal that will devastate Texas.  It is so important that we support Trump/Pence 2020!!  It’s capitalism vs socialism in a very real sense.
  • Our state is on the line too!  In 2022 we will begin redistricting the Texas legislature, and how we draw the lines will depend on who controls the Capitol in Austin.  If we lose the Texas House, we will have a redistricting nightmare on our hands, where all the lines could be drawn to favor democrats for 10 years or longer!  We must keep the Republican Majority in the Texas House!
  • Be considerate of the Election Staff:  Judges, Alternate Judges, election clerks, poll watchers.  All of these people are giving their time to help make democracy work in this country.  Be patient, be kind, show grace to those who are doing what they can under trying circumstances.  But if you see anything suspicious or think something isn’t right with the fairness of the process—report it.  We have a team of highly experienced attorneys standing by to deal with any ethical or legal issues with this election, and we have more poll watchers than ever before!
  • Think of all the people who have worked to insure a Republican Victory in 3 weeks.  I’m talking about the volunteers in our Party, the Precinct Chairs, the members of the Republican Womens’ Club, the Republican Club, all the volunteers for our local candidates, and the thousands of hours that have gone in to win this election.  I ask each one of you to pay them back by doing your part—get as many people to vote as possible.

         “We do not have government by the majority.
We have government by the majority who participate.”

As we start the election today, just know how very proud I am of all the folks we have working here in McLennan County, and it has truly been my distinct pleasure and honor to witness the outpouring of love and support for our President, our Country, our State, and our County!  We are fighting for our way of life, our very country, for our children and grandchildren, for liberty, and for freedom.

Let’s win this!  Trump 2020!!

For Victory,
Brad Holland