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KXXV-TV Chairman Interview

Chairman Ker Answers Questions Regarding Volunteer and Party Enthusiasm - Video courtesy of KXXV-TV

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Remembering President George H.W. Bush

With the Passing of President George H.W. Bush, America has lost a true patriot and hero.  More than a President, Mr. Bush was an example and inspiration for humility, servant leadership and seeking the good for all Americans.  As the last President to have served in World War II, President Bush was the epitome of the greatest generation.  His kindness toward all, especially for those from whom he could gain nothing, was an ever present characteristic of this great man.  His signing into law the Americans With Disabilities Act changed American culture for the better and instituted the recognition that those who may be disabled would not be discarded.  He will also be remembered as an example of a loving husband and father.  His and Barbara’s marriage of 73 years is truly a remarkable witness of unconditional love and dedication which should be emulated more.  History will prove that George H.W. Bush was the most successful one term President and among the very best Presidents of our nation.

COL(R) Jon R. Ker

Chairman, McLennan County Republican Party