Colonel's Column

June, 2020


For months I have been sounding the alarm that our Constitution and the rights and liberties within it were under attack.  The object of my warning was the far left wing of the democrat party, which today encompasses the majority of elected persons of that party in Washington, DC.  However, the Covid-19 panic and the lawless riots now playing out on the streets of many of our cities prove that the radical left is deeply embedded in blue states and cities run by democrat governors, mayors and councils.  The unconstitutional power grab taken by democrat governors and mayors proves their disdain for the Constitution and their intent to ignore basic constitutional rights of the people.  The lawlessness now on display signifies that the radical left has moved from the fake news and political shenanigans of the democrats in Washington to active anarchy on our streets and businesses.

No one in their right mind was unmoved by the senseless and brutal death of George Floyd at the knee of a Minneapolis police officer and his fellow officers standing by and watching.  This heartless and cruel act should and did spark lawful outcry.  Our criminal justice system and the rule of law are now moving to bring justice to this tragedy and to the family of Mr. Floyd.  We all should support and defend the rights of the aggrieved and like minded supporters to peacefully and peaceably demonstrate publicly to bring wide attention to this wrong and to make known that it should not again occur.  But the radical left is not satisfied with the rule of law.  Indeed, it openly opposes the rule of law and non-violent demonstration.  Rather, it seeks chaos and the promotion of fear.  We are unwitting witnesses to the results of when radical left leadership kowtows and yields to radicals.  Rewarding bad and unlawful behavior only produces more bad and unlawful behavior.  When the mayor of Minneapolis instructed the police to abandon the precinct offices at the location of violent riot, the result was yielding free reign to the radicals and the burning of that precinct building.  Then, we saw that same scenario of attacking police buildings playing out in other cities.  If it can succeed in one location, why not in another?  Other indicators of centralized planning of these riots are found in the riot leadership coming in from other parts of the country and the strategic early placement of bricks and other objects in advance of the riots to be later used as projectiles.

All of this rioting and violence points to the importance of the upcoming election all up and down the ballot.  It is imperative that we regain the House and keep the Senate and White House.  Listening to the comments of Joe Biden is like listening to a string of clichés of little substance.  Laura Ingram sagely stated the obvious when she commented about Biden’s statements as being the most words used to say nothing at all !  But that nothingness of content and position is the very heart of the democrat party and why we must prevail.  If the democrats win, America loses !  The radical democrat party which supports anarchist groups does not support the Constitution or liberty of the people.  If the democrats win I am genuinely concerned that violence will escalate.

How many times have we heard and stated that the next election is the most important of our time?  Each time has been true, but never more true than now !  Work to assure victory for America, our Constitution, the rule of law and liberty in November.  All are at risk!