Colonel's Column

October, 2018


As I write this, we are still celebrating the Cruz victory at the first Cruz – O’Rourke debate last Friday. That debate clearly showed that O’Rourke is long on platitudes but disturbingly short on substance and policy. As a devoted socialist, O’Rourke knows that should he speak with clarity about his true positions, more Texans would reject him and his ilk. It is impossible for O’Rourke to accept the funding of radical socialist like George Soros and not be a pea in Soros’ pod. And let’s not forget the way O’Rourke played fast and loose with the truth when he stated he did not “try to leave the scene” of his DWI collision. That may be technically correct since he was successful in leaving the scene. He did not TRY to leave, he DID leave. The next debate, and watch party at the Headquarters, is September 30. We had over 40 people there last Friday. Let’s have more next time!

We all know what is at risk in this mid-term election. Nationally, the gains made over the less than 2 years under President Trump, at the least, can be foiled in the next two years, or at the worst, undone by the socialist/ communist led Democratic Party. Our economy is booming, employment is at its highest level ever for Blacks and Hispanics, we are more secure today than anytime during the BO administration, and businesses and employees are enjoying growth long since unseen. Each of these are at risk should the Democrats gain the House and/or Senate. Locally, our candidates Doc Anderson and D.L. Wilson are facing strong challenges. The last thing we as conservative Americans can afford to be is complacent. Texas is in the crosshairs of the radical progressive left who are pouring millions of dollars into our state to turn Texas blue. Texas is the leading conservative state in the Union. If we lose Texas to the radical left, I am convinced we will shortly lose our Constitutional Republic. You may think I am off base, but the efforts of the radical left are right out of the communist playbook.

I have said many times during the past few weeks we must work tirelessly, speak openly and plainly, fund our candidates generously and get our message to the voters and then get them to vote. Victory is in our hands and it is ours to lose should we fail in this time of political battle. I know that we are of one heart, mind and accord to see our nation and liberty preserved for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Today is our day to be the generation which preserved our way of life of freedom and morality. Together we will preserve, we will succeed, and we will be VICTORIOUS!





General's Journal

October, 2018


This is the month we have been looking forward to. This is the month we will “make or break” the mid-term election on Nov 6th. As good Republicans, we are all responsible for leading people to the polls next month. From my perspective, there are many whys to lead our good folks of McLennan County to do their Civic Duty. We can educate our friends and neighbors about the facts, we can attend Republican training activities, we can participate in “block walking”, we can attend Republican organizational meetings, become a County Volunteer Deputy Registrar (Courthouse Records Bldg, Suite 300 Basement), assist in fund raising, ..…. You get my point! Yes, there are many ways to serve. I agree with our Chairman Ker, the election will be won by talking to our friends and neighbors, encouraging them to vote Republican and why. I am confident that the good people of McLennan County will make the right decisions, when educated about the facts. Our tasks are simple: teamwork, positive attitude, present the facts, and service. And speaking of service, as in all future columns, I will note upcoming ways to serve. (Confirm all dates/times below via our website calendar here)

Oct 2018:

This is the “Hooah and Dooah” month as we must all serve!

  • Oct 4th/9th/30th: Poll Watcher Tng (TEC Chp 33), 530-730pm, Rep HQs (only 1 evening is required).
  • Oct 5-13 is the HOT Fair. We will again have a McLennan County Republican booth. What a prime location to showcase our Party with an anticipated 150,000 fairgoers. Elected officials will stop by to say hello and provide community awareness.
  • Oct 8th is Columbus Day
  • Oct 9th is the Voter Registration Deadline.
  • Oct 13th/Oct 16th/Oct 27th Abbott/Republican Univ, Rep HQs (only 1 date is required).
  • Oct 22nd is the First Day of Early Voting
  • Oct 26th is the Last Day to apply for ballot by mail (received, not postmarked).

*Please remember our McLennan County Republican Women will meet on the 9th and the McLennan County Republican Club meets on the 18th.  Be sure to check their respective websites to confirm dates, times, locations

Nov 2018: Its crunch time!
  • Nov 2nd is the Last Day for Early Voting
  • Nov 6th (Tuesday) is ELECTION DAY
  • Nov 12th is McLennan County Veteran’s Parade
  • Nov 13th is our Fourth Quarter County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting

I look forward to sharing in the great success of the Republican Party in November thanks to your hard work and dedication.  I look forward to serving with you!


BrigGen (Ret) George A. Brinegar