Colonel's Column

October, 2019


The past few days of attacks on our President have been relentless, but groundless.  The latest is the allegation that the telephone conversation between President Trump and the newly elected President of Ukraine is worthy of impeachment because it involved requesting cooperation in ferreting out corruption by former Vice-President Biden and his son, Hunter.  Evidently, the boasting by Biden of tying military financial support to Ukraine conditioned on the ouster of the Ukrainian Attorney General investigating Hunter Biden and the company to which he was a board member within six hours of VP Biden’s ultimatum is lost on the democrats now shouting impeachment worthy foul against President Trump.  And to think while still in Ukraine, Biden publicly boasted about this ultimatum and withholding of support (read quid pro quo) and nothing was said by any democrat as to its being corrupt, an abuse of office, worthy of impeachment or criminal!  The underlying reality is the socialist/ communist democrats know they cannot defeat Trump on policy or at the polls.  The economy is more sound and thriving than we have experienced, the jobless rates of the Black and Hispanic communities are at an all time low, wages are up, and consumer confidence is strong.  The policy of socialism embraced by the democrats cannot compete with the success of a capitalist economy set free from overly burdensome and job killing regulations.  The only avenue for the socialist/ communist democrats is a personal attack on the President undergirded by lies and disinformation.  The American Patriot citizen can easily see through this charade by the democrats.  Not only that, but the result of these personal attack tactics will fire up Trump supporters and hurt the democrats at the polls.  I assure you, I am fired up!

So, what must we do to see that President Trump, conservatism and capitalism wins in the upcoming election?  The key is voter registration and voter  turnout.  The democrats have their ducks in a row when it comes to voter registration drives.  We must meet the challenge and get conservative minded folks registered to vote.  While we cannot limit registration to only Republican and Trump supporters, the more persons registered in our area  will likely be a gain in conservative voters.  I encourage everyone to become a deputy registrar for voter registration.  This is accomplished by contacting the Election Administrator’s office and being deputized.  It does not take long, but can have monumental effects.  The next thing we can do is have voter registration drives at our churches, civic clubs, schools for those 18 and over and anywhere else people may be encountered.  Each deputy registrar can be a one person registration drive.  The next step is to encourage conservative minded folks to actually vote.  This can be accomplished by talking it up on a frequent, if not daily, basis.  Too much is at stake in this election to sit on the sidelines and hope someone else does your part.  We must hold the White House and Senate, and recapture the House to preserve Liberty within our land.





General's Journal

August 2019

Wow, August is here!  Where has the summer gone?  I just returned home from a mission trip to Ghana Africa.  It is great to be home, but what a wonderful experience.  And a great reminder of how fortunate we are to live in America.  We often take such principles as “rule of law”, “peaceful transition of power” and “free elections” for granted.  We must maintain these principles of freedom.  And that is why I am so proud to be a Republican, freedom’s defender. But we have our work laid out for us, as we prepare for the 2020 elections.  There is plenty to do!  Lend us a hand!   And how can I help, you ask?  Here listed are some of the activities over the next 18 months for your consideration and involvement.  Your participation makes a difference!  ****We need float riders for the Republican Float (trailer), Westfest Parade, Aug 31st at 10am. We will decorate the trailer about 830am in West.  Come lend us a hand.

  • Aug 13 2019    McLennan County Republican Women’s Mtg, 1130am, Waco Hilton
  • Aug 15 2019    McLennan County Republican Club Mtg, 1145am, Knox Hall
  • Aug 31 2019    Westfest Parade 10am.  Decorate trailer at 830am.
  • Sep 10 2019     County Executive Committee (CEC)  Mtg, 630pm, County HQs
  • Sep 2019          Pastoral Pro-Life Breakfast sponsored by our local Republican Party
  • Oct 2019          Local Pastors focus on Pro-Life
  • Oct 2019          HOT Fair, Republican Party will not have a booth this year
  • Nov 9 2019      First day to file for the 2020 ballot
  • Nov 11 2019     McLennan County Veterans Day Parade
  • Dec 9 2019      Last day to file for the 2020 ballot
  • 2020
  • Feb 2020          Early voting begins for 2020 Primary
  • Mar 3 2020      Primary Election Day
  • Mar 2020         McLennan County Republican Convention
  • May 2020        State of Texas Republican Convention
  • May 26 2020   Run-Off Election Day
  • Aug 29 2020   Westfest Parade
  • Oct 2020          HOT Fair, Republican Party will have a booth
  • Oct 2020          Early voting begins for General Election
  • Nov 3 2020      General Election Day
  • Nov 11 2020    McLennan County Veterans Day Parade

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I have already begun to look forward to a great success of the Republican Party in 2020 because of your proven hard work and dedication.  I look forward to serving with you!


BrigGen (Ret) George A. Brinegar