Colonel's Column

December, 2019


We celebrate Christmas because of the Incarnation – God Himself in the second person of the Trinity, Jesus, taking on flesh and dwelling among us.  The word “Immanuel” describes the wonder of this event– God with us!  It was necessary that Jesus came and dwelt among us due to our corrupted nature after the Fall of Adam and Eve.  This corrupted nature kept mankind in perpetual rebellion against God and separated from Him.  Reconciliation back to God could only be achieved by the payment of our sin debt.  But that could only occur through the sacrifice of a sinless one.  Jesus was that sinless One who willingly left the glory of heaven coming to Earth that we might be reconciled back to our Creator God.  The Incarnation and the sacrificial death of Jesus was the Father’s gift to all people who accept the substitutional atonement of Jesus for our sins.  Because God loved us enough to give us the gift of Jesus, at Christmas we give gifts to our loved ones and friends.  Christmas begins and completes in Jesus.  As we all know, that gift of atonement and reconciliation available only through the sacrifice of Jesus requires acceptance through faith.  Since not everyone has placed their faith in Jesus, we continue to see the corruption of mankind displayed in evil acts and actions.

We need only look to the efforts of the democrats in Washington to overturn the election of our President to prove that evil is alive and well there.    That this evil is transpiring at a time when the rest of our society celebrates the joys of the Christmas season accentuates the underlying evil of the perpetrators.  The evil of the democrat Trump-haters seems to have no limits or bounds.  But take assurance in this, the love of Jesus has overcome evil!  We have this promise from God – if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land!  Please pray that those evildoers in Washington comprehend the love of God available through Jesus and turn from their evil.  And pray that God protects our nation from the evils within and gives President Trump the strength to continue his fight to keep America great!

Terri and I have been blessed by being allowed to serve our community and our Party.  As we close out 2019, it is fitting to recall the good friends, good times and many blessings we have enjoyed this year.  One of the richest blessings has been to share the efforts of preserving our Constitutional Republic with you, our FRIENDS AND FELLOW PATRIOTS!  God bless you, our great state of Texas and the United States of America !