Colonel's Column

May, 2019


First, I thank everyone who made our 65th Anniversary Gala a tremendous success.  I tip my Green Beret to the Hosts and Sponsors, the volunteers who took the bull by the horns and managed a spectacular event, to everyone who attended or intended to be there but unable to be, to everyone who participated in the auctions and to Karl Rove for graciously returning our offered stipend.  Everything about the evening was a success.  Our Treasurer, Bert Hernandez, has prepared the financial reports for the evening and, it too, demonstrates how successful the evening proved to be.  You may review the financial report at the Headquarters.  THANK YOU TO ALL!

With the Gala behind us, we now must move forward with the upcoming election season.  For the past few years it seems that each election proves to be the most important.  This one coming up is no different.  We can all thank God that President Trump is in the White House and is thick skinned enough to seek a second term.  The democrats have no policy to run on so they again default to personal attacks, name calling and lying.  We see the democrat candidates running to socialism and attacking our Constitutional rights and the Constitution itself.  Who in their right mind would be running on a platform to remove the 2d Amendment, to restrict the 1st Amendment and remove the Electoral College?  This proves to me that the democrat candidates for the Presidency are simply not in their right minds!  This exemplifies, however, that we must maintain our guard and our fight to keep our country a Constitutional Republic based on Christian principles and capitalism.  Our fight is the fight of our time and to lose is in my thinking to lose the America we all love.  Our kids, grandkids and great-grandkids deserve to live as free men and women and it is up to us to see that comes to be.  Each one of us has a part to play in securing VICTORY.  Let’s do our part whatever it is.  If we do, we cannot lose.





General's Journal

May 2019

Wow, this year is flying by!   Then to 2020 and Tuesday Mar 3rd, the Texas Republican Primary. I am sure you are watching, reading and listening as the campaigning has begun.  I agree with Chairman Ker, do your part, and talk to your friends and neighbors.  And stick to the facts; low unemployment, economic growth and other issues that we Republicans have worked hard for….. And speaking of hard work, thank you for sharing of your time, efforts and energy in speaking the truth across McLennan County.  We cannot win in 2020 without your help in 2019.                        And speaking of work and service, here are several ways to do it! (Confirm all dates/times below via our website, and go to calendar)

MAY 2019

May 12th:       Mother’s Day 2019

May14th:       McLennan County Republican Women’s meeting, 1130am, Waco Hilton.

May 16rd:       McLennan Co Rep Club meeting, Texas Ranger Museum-Knox Hall, 1145am.

May 27th:       Memorial Day 2019

JUN 2019

Jun 1st:           Republican Candidate [Local] Campaign School, details to be announced.

Jun 4th:           County Executive Committee [CEC] Mtg, 630pm, County Rep HQs, Waco

Jun 11th:         McLennan County Republican Women’s meeting, 1130am, Waco Hilton

Jun 16th:         Father’s Day 2019

Jun 20th:         McLennan Co Rep Club meeting, Texas Ranger Museum-Knox Hall, 1145am.

County Republican Party HQs:   Your Republican Party Headquarters is open from 10am to 3pm Tue-Fri of each week.  It is located in the Westview Village shopping center, at the corner of Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive, 539 N Valley Mills Drive, Waco Tx 76710

Election 2020:

Mar 3rd:         Texas Republican Primary

May 26th:       Run-off Election

Nov 3rd:        General Election Day

I have already begun to look forward to a great success of the Republican Party in 2020 because of your proven hard work and dedication.  I look forward to serving with you!


BrigGen (Ret) George A. Brinegar