Colonel's Column

July, 2020


Much of what is playing out within our nation in cities and states under democrat administrations is unlawful, illogical, counter to our Constitution and the rule of law, and clearly dangerous to peaceful society.    As those democrat politicians give in to, and even embrace, mob rule within their jurisdictions, the assault upon our Constitutional Republic intensifies and our liberties are at greater risks of loss.  We have all seen the examples of tyrannical mobs on Fox News and One America News threatening and even beating those not kowtowing to their demands and threats, tearing down and defacing statues and memorials to eradicate our history,  burning buildings and destroying property of innocent Americans, and the unbelievable call for defunding and disbanding police forces.  Recall that early in Hitler’s Nazi Germany,  he disbanded police forces and instituted the Brownshirts to take over and terrorize the Jews!  The truth of these events will not be displayed on the mainstream media since they are clearly the broadcast voice of those seeking to do violence.  Even citizens exercising their principal right of self-defense are castigated by the democrats and their allies in the media – read here the St. Louis couple defending their home and lives from mob violence.  The New York Times falsely portrayed that mob as “peaceful protesters” despite it having broken down privacy gates to enter the property for no good purpose and which verbally threatened the lives of that couple.  The intensions to do violence by the Marxist Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups were summed up clearly by the New York leader of BLM when he announced on Fox News Martha McCallum program that if they do not get what they want, “we will burn the system down.”  For those who have not as yet figured this out, those are words of revolutionary intent.  The mob does not care about Black lives generally.  If they did, they would be calling out the rapid and rabid increase of Black on Black murders that are now occurring in democrat strongholds, and the horrific number of Black lives murdered in the womb!  They only care about the Black lives that figure into their revolutionary agenda.  All of this points to the fact that a revolution has begun to end America as a civil, capitalist society built upon individual freedom coupled with individual responsibility, and turn it into a socialist/communist country like Venezuela.

But that is not the only problem I see before us.  With the exception of President Trump, where is the public outcry from our Republican officials to the mob madness plaguing our country?  This failure of an open and loud public response from those we have elected to be our representatives, and who have taken the oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, is as equally troubling to me as the violence that silence enables.  The democrat party has clearly been hijacked by the socialist/ communist element!  But the failure of many national level  Republican officials to publicly and clearly confront the violence and stand firmly for the rule of law only emboldens those seeking to do harm and the democrats supporting them.  It is time we demand our elected representatives to publicly stand against these revolutionary events by taking whatever action necessary to re-establish the rule of law and bring peace back to our country.  This does not include violating the rights of peaceful protesters to voice their opinions.  It is the violent mob against which action must be taken now.  I encourage everyone to voice your concerns to any and all officials that you choose.

As I have mentioned numerous times before, we must get out the vote to preserve the Constitution and our rights under it.   Like Tucker Carlson said in his June 30 monologue, despite its shortcomings the Republican Party is the best and only hope we have politically for preserving America as we know and have known it.  If the democrats win in November, we lose traditional America and those opposing the radical revolutionaries will be punished.  As Allen West proclaimed in the title of his book, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation!”   This we must achieve!  Work hard to save the Nation by doing now all you can do!