Colonel's Column

January, 2020


As we begin both a new year and a new decade, I send to each one my hope and desire for a richly blessed year!  I am confident that my hope and desire will become reality as we see the economy continuing to prosper with unemployment at record lows for all segments of society and the stock market reaching new highs repeatedly; the democrat party’s efforts at hurting President Trump crumbling under the weight of factual truth, and America’s international reputation restored to respect from our friends and fear by our enemies!  We truly are experiencing the best from our President’s leadership and his love of this country, while simultaneously suffering the worst scandal of lies and fabrications from the democrats.  But what is true, right  and just will prevail!  I expect the coming year will be one of tremendous VICTORY for President Trump, for the Republican Party, for conservative thinking Americans in general, and for the advancement of our unique National Identity.  By all that is true, right and just we should see the unfolding of the criminal activity of the swamp democrats and its exposure to the light of day and judicial scrutiny.  I personally look forward to the day these criminal activities result in penal confinement for the perpetrators irrespective of how high up the democrat party chain it goes.

As I have consistently stated, in order to keep America free, we cannot find ourselves on the sidelines as spectators.  To achieve all that needs to be done, starting with the reelection of President Trump, we must enter the field of battle prepared to see it through.  Each of us has a role to play, a roll that melds with the rolls of all others to bring the maximum effort all the way to the finish line.  We can speak with friends, neighbors, coworkers, and church members about the truth of what is transpiring under the President’s leadership.  We can do simple things such as displaying yard signs on our property and wearing with pride Trump and Republican Party paraphernalia.  But the Presidential race is not the only place to join the fight.  All up and down our ballot are races of significance.  Races for offices which impact our daily lives.  It is critically important that these offices be won by conservatives true to the ideal that smaller, less intrusive government best preserves our freedom and pursuit of happiness.

It has long been known that Texas is the gold standard for conservative politics.  Keeping Texas red is on the line this election cycle.  The far left policies and thinking of Robert Francis O’Rourke in both his bid for the U.S. Senate and his short run candidacy for President demonstrate that we must be on-guard and vigilant to win at the polls in order to preserve our Constitutionally protected rights.  It is clear that the democrats in Washington, and now bleeding down to the states, do not believe in the Constitution irrespective of their reciting the oath to preserve it.

If we all do our part we will obtain VICTORY and keep our liberties.  A very important action to be done is participating in the convention process as a delegate.  This begins with the precinct convention scheduled for 9:00 a.m. March 14, 2020 at University High School.  The Precinct convention selects delegates to the county convention which will be held March 21, 2020 at the Connally Building auditorium on the TSTC campus.  At the county convention, delegates will be selected for the State convention this year to be held in Houston May 14 – 16, 2020.  Get involved in all of these to assure Texas remains the conservative bastion it has long been.

The most important action we can take to assure the VICTORY we all desire and anticipate, one that transcends all other actions, is to pray .  Pray that the lies and contrivances of the democrats are turned on them and that God preserves us a free Nation!