Colonel's Column

March, 2019


March is a historical month for Texans.  On March 2 we recognized and celebrated Texas Independence Day.  Tuesday, March 6, is Fall of the Alamo Day.  Both of these events are annual reminders to us that the price of freedom is paid with the Liberty-loving blood of Patriots.  Progressive Revisionists would like to change that reality to make it fit into their ideology to argue that the “white man” was stealing territory from the Mexicans.  The reality is that the war began as Mexican citizens (which the Texian colonists had become when they came to Texas) fought to restore the Mexican Constitution of 1824 which had been ripped up by Santa Anna.  The heroes of the Alamo never knew Texas had declared its independence only days before.  I mention this to remind us that the revisionists progressive left and liberal media has the goal of destroying our Constitutional Republic.  Our Republic was founded on the idea that under God we can self-govern rather than be the subjects of royalty or a despotic dictator.  Self-governance requires the recognition of the value of life and worth of the individual, individual responsibility and dedication to preserving Liberty.  All of these are under attack today as never before.  I recently read of a survey which showed that the millennial generation favors socialism by 57%.  This is a sobering thought.  This partially explains why Robert “Beto” O’Rourke fared well with the younger folks in the last election.  It also demonstrates that we must engage our young with the reality and history of socialism and the value of Liberty.  Liberty cannot exist where socialism is the rule.  Socialism requires governmental rule over the individual life.  You cannot have government control and at the same time have individual freedom.

Besides the assault on our Constitutional Republic through the rise of socialism now promoted by the democratic party, identity politics and class warfare has also become part of the democratic party mantra.  Look only to a recent statements by Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, “I think all white men should be put in chains as slaves because they will never submit to Islam.”  And, ”I am America’s hope and the Presidents’ nightmare.”  Look also to the “Green New Deal” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and how many democrats have signed on to it.   This is the up-and-coming face of tyranny embraced by the democratic party.  Omar does have one thing right – I am a white man who will never lose my freedom to Islam.  We are in a fight to preserve our Liberty, our Constitutional Republic and our God-given rights.  Our fight is not waged with bullets, but with ideas.  Ideas that have sustained us a free people.  Let us never forget what Thomas Jefferson stated, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  Let us be vigilant and do our part to see Liberty prevail and socialism cast onto the trash heap of American history.





General's Journal

March 2019

Spring is fast approaching!   Time to start cultivating that garden or flower-bed, turning the ground and effectively planting the seeds.  Wow, what a beautiful time of year, as we see nature grow and develop.  I believe as Republican Leaders we too are destined to grow and develop.  But first we must cultivate and plant the seeds. This spring, we begin to take an active role in our community, research for the facts and tell the truth.  This is growth and development……and what it will take to sweep the 2020 elections.  So start with me, planting the truth and serving in our great Cause. And why do we serve in 2019?  Because freedom is never free!  It costs our time, efforts, and energy.  So start now, focusing on victory in 2020, serve with us. And speaking of service, here are several ways to do it! (Confirm all dates/times below via our website, and go to calendar)

MAR 2019  

Mar 10th:       Daylight Savings Time Begins

Mar 11-15th:  Spring Break and County Republican Office will be closed.

Mar 12th:      McLennan County Republican Women’s meeting, 1130am, Waco Hilton.

Mar 21st:       McLennan Co Rep Club meeting, Texas Ranger Museum-Knox Hall, 1145am.

Mar 23rd:      Rep Party of McLennan County’s 65th Anniversary Gala, Speaker Karl Rove.

APR 2019

Apr 9th:         McLennan County Republican Women’s meeting, 1130am, Waco Hilton.

Apr 18th:       McLennan Co Rep Club meeting, Texas Ranger Museum-Knox Hall, 1145am.

Apr 19th:        Good Friday

Apr 21st:         Easter

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  We Need Good People to Lead Our County, State and Nation.  Now is the time to consider public service as an elected official in 2020. If you have questions and truly considering full time elected service, please contact Jon Ker (Rep County Chair) or Dr Brad Holland (Task Force Lead).  Remember that actual filing will occur this Fall, in November.

I have already begun to look forward to a great success of the Republican Party in 2020 because of your proven hard work and dedication.  I look forward to serving with you!


BrigGen (Ret) George A. Brinegar