Colonel's Column

January, 2019



As 2018 closed, we experienced the largest ever one-day increase in the Dow, a surprise visit to our troops in Iraq and Germany by the President and First Lady and the continued promise from the Democrats to obstruct all efforts at the President’s agenda, especially concerning border security.  It seems certain that 2019 will be another battleground year for conservative, traditional values.  Thankfully, we have a President that is up to the fight.  Let’s pray that he remains so, and that our Republicans in Congress, both the House and Senate, find their backbones to fight alongside the President.  The fight will be on many fronts, but none as critical as border and national security.  The first priority of any government, especially one established to pursue and protect liberty, is to defend our citizens and our way of life under our Constitution.  Without effective security, we are vulnerable to the loss of the very liberty the government is pledged to protect. A clearly established and managed border together with a strong national defense policy are essential elements for national security.  From the President on down, let us make known our commitment to the security of our nation for the benefit of its citizenry.

Our 2019 Lincoln/ Reagan Day Dinner will likely be postponed until later in March or even April.  This is because we have not had a commitment from anyone we have sought to be our guest speaker.  We have invited Senator Ted Cruz, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Congressman Louie Gomert, and Carl Rove.  Whenever we have our event, we will this time have an auction for some very nice items.  Greg and Brenda Klepper, owners of Energy and Automation, Inc, have volunteered to arrange auction items on a grand scale.  Many thanks to them for their willingness to work for the success of our Party.  When we have our speaker confirmed, we will announce the date, time and location for our fund raising dinner.

Our Vice-Chair, General Brinegar, has been spearheading the development of our McLennan County Republican Party Donor Card to recognize those who provide financial donations to the Party.   This will be a credit card size card with our Party name and logo on the face and our beliefs, values and purposes on the reverse.  It is something you will be proud to keep in your wallet or purse to signify your commitment to conservatism and traditional values.  Working with my son Matthew, George has made donating to the Party an easy matter of using PayPal at our Party website ( and clicking the “Donate” icon.   Many thanks to George for leading this effort and to Matthew for putting the website together.  More information will follow.

Though many challenging issues confront us, let us continue to pray for God’s guiding hand on our elected leaders and His protection over this great nation!





General's Journal

General’s Journal (Vice Chairman’s Update)

January 2019

Wow…..December flew by!   The time with family and friends was terrific.  There is no question I could not do, or be what I am, without the support of my great family and friends.  The wedding of my younger daughter two weeks ago, reminded me of what is really important; my faith in GOD, the love of my family and the love of my Country.  And maybe that’s why I am a Republican because it’s our only remaining party that believes in our great Country, that our brightest days are ahead, that freedom should reign over a United States blessed by GOD. But maybe Mr. Franklin was right, we have “a Republic, if you [we] can keep it”.  And that’s why we should serve, because freedom is never free!  It costs our time, efforts and energy.  So start now, focusing on victory in 2020, serve with us. And speaking of service, here are several ways to do it!                                                              (Confirm all dates/times below via our website, and go to calendar)                                                                                                                                                                                                              

JAN 2019                                                                                                                                  

Jan 8th:

  McLennan County Republican Women’s meeting, 1130am, Waco Hilton.                  

***Please make a special effort to attend, as you will be glad you did.  The speaker will be COL(Ret) Allen West, former Congressman and combat veteran.  He is terrific.  Be sure to get your ticket prior to the event at, as I am sure they will sell out.  What a great way to start the New Year.                                                                                                                              


McLennan Co Rep Club meeting, Texas Ranger Museum-Knox Hall, 1145am.                

Jan 21st:    MLK Holiday.


Feb 12th:  McLennan County Republican Women’s meeting, 1130am, Waco Hilton.                                                                  

Feb 14th:   Valentine’s Day.                                                                                                              

Feb 18th: President’s Holiday.                                                                                                                    

Feb 21st:  McLennan Co Rep Club meeting, Texas Ranger Museum-Knox Hall, 1145am.                

MAR 2019                                                                                                                                  

Mar 11-15th:  Spring Break and County Republican Office will be closed.                                  

Mar 19th: First Qtr Co Ex Comm (CEC) meeting, open @ 6pm, call to order 630pm, Rep HQs 

***LINCOLN / REAGAN DINNER:  Exact date to be announced.          

Attention:  We Need Good People to Lead Our County, State and Nation.  If you are considering becoming a candidate for an elected office in 2020, now is the time to start considering the details. If you have questions and truly considering full time elected service, please contact Jon Ker (Rep County Chair) or Dr Brad Holland (Task Force Lead).  Remember that actual filing will occur this Fall, in November.                                                                                  

I have already begun to look forward to a great success of the Republican Party in 2020 because of your proven hard work and dedication.  I look forward to serving with you!

In 2020, FINISH STRONG!    

BrigGen (Ret) George A. Brinegar