Colonel's Column

April, 2020


Like some of you, my initial reaction to the coronavirus was a less than enthusiastic concern over it.  However, it is clear that it presents a serious situation requiring our best efforts at reducing its health effects, particularly on our most vulnerable.  The concern over my sweet bride and mother-in-law, both of whom are at-risk persons, has brought me to this conclusion.  It is necessary that sacrifices be made in the interest of the health of the nation in order to minimize the potential of significant loss of life and overwhelming of our health care system and personnel.  Social distancing and frequent, thorough washing of hands are both excellent advice.  Having said all this, I ask that you consider some very important side effects this pandemic brings with it.

In order to curtail the virus, we are in effect shutting down our business economy.  I agree this is a necessary thing.  But it also presents  a crisis in which those who desire more government see an opportunity to take power and control.  I heard this morning  (March 23) Senator Schumer stating that the President’s plan for a payment directly to working persons was not enough.  What the democrats want is to match the persons paycheck through unemployment compensation for six months.  On its face this may sound good, but it is a red herring and rooted in socialism and communism.  Moreover, it is part of the democrat plan of a power grab that could bring us down as a nation.  From where will the democrats obtain the funds to pay for this plus “free healthcare for all” as well as “free college”?  There are only two sources for such funds, both of which carry with it like a cancer the threat of collapse of the economy and our way of life as a free people.  The first source is higher taxes.  At the rate the democrats want to spend, it would likely take the entire gross domestic product to fund that kind of spending.  With higher taxes comes less freedom to make individual choices, and less freedom means the government has more power over the individual.  The second source of funds for the democrat spending programs is for the government to print more money.  We need only look to the absence today of the Soviet Union on the world scene to demonstrate that spending beyond our capabilities brings collapse.  Behind this facially appealing idea of Schumer is the communist manifesto – make the population dependent upon the government rather than themselves.

I have heard this situation described as being like a war.  I think that is a good analogy.  During World Wars I and II the American population willingly made sacrifices essential to securing victory.  And those sacrifices were made with that type of character that refused to give up or give in.  It is the power of the individual spirit and integrity that will see us through this crisis as it did through those wars.  Through the power of the individual spirit, we kept the end goal in sight and mind and did not quit.  Today, we must do the same.  We must not panic or allow fear to overtake us.  We must not allow this situation to cause us to yield power to those who would change our status from citizens to subjects.  We must keep in mind that our constitutional freedoms are always at risk when the government seeks more power over us.  We will get through this.  But we must come out of it stronger, not weaker, as free people.

I offer for your consideration what I see as a silver lining.  I believe and know that God is still in control.  In His wisdom I believe He is giving us a window of opportunity to see what socialism would do to our country if it is allowed to fester and grow to fruition.   If you go to the grocery store today you see empty shelves.  Where there are products on the shelf, you will find limitations in place.  Today you cannot enter a restaurant to sit and enjoy a good meal with family and friends.  Businesses are suffering.  Fear and its promotion dominates the media and a significant part of the population.  These are all indicia of socialism and communism.  God is allowing us to see and experience a taste of socialism so that we would recoil from it.  Our dependence is on God as our national motto states, “In God we trust!”  Placing our trust truly in God, taking the steps to protect our health and keeping the power grab by the government from happening will keep us healthy, wealthy and free!