Colonel's Column

July, 2019


    As I pen this message, we close out an extended Fourth of July weekend.  I am so very proud of President Trump for his “Salute to America.”  Two factors rang loud and clear from this celebration.  First, President Trump loves America much more than for which he receives credit.  His love of country was found in his speech which rehearsed many of the historical events demonstrating the greatness of America, giving full recognition to our military which established and preserved our blood bought freedoms, and recalling our dependence on God Almighty to keep us free and blessed.  I am also thankful that President Trump was undeterred by the inclement weather, and proceeded with the festivities that brought about an inward pride for being an American.  The day was capped by the most fantastic fireworks display that I have ever witnessed, although at times the bursts within the clouded sky brought images of the artillery barrages at Ben Het in 1969.  Still, it was a day for taking pride in America and thanking God that we are Americans!  The second factor that rang loud and clear is that the blind haters of the President attempted to turn this event into a personal attack against him.  These blind haters included the mainstream media which refused to air the celebration, the seemingly unending list of democrat party Presidential hopefuls spouting insults for identifying the goodness of America, and the leadership of the democrat party who denigrate America every chance they get.  To do so on the anniversary of our founding is particularly egregious and worthy of contempt.  Their actions inform me that they hate America and all it stands for, even though it is America that gives them the right to spew their filth.  This Fourth of July “Salute to America” celebration brought into sharp focus the wide gulf between our President who loves this country and those haters of America who want to change it into a socialist/ communist state.  God forbid!

    The Fourth of July brought another announcement to our attention.  One in which I am extremely pleased and hopeful will come to fruition.  Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Alan West announced his run for the Chairmanship of the Texas Republican Party.  I am a full supporter of his candidacy and will diligently work for his election.  Alan was our speaker at our Lincoln/ Reagan Day dinner in 2018 and reminded us that as Texas goes, so goes the Nation.  Alan was also a combat hero in Iraq and a Congressman from Florida before relocating to Texas.  Under the current administration we have seen a degradation of true conservatism highlighted by underhandedness.  Our State Party needs to return to a true leader who possesses integrity and honor.  At this point in our history, we need a leader who can bring unity and clear direction back to our State Party.   I encourage you to be a state convention delegate and support Alan West at the upcoming state convention.

     We have much work to do in the coming months to prepare for the primaries and the conventions.  Please let me, General Brinegar or Linda know where you would like to assist in these tasks.





General's Journal

Jul 2019

Wow, what a busy summer and going much too fast!  Having just celebrated our Nation’s Independence, I have thought much about the sacrifice of those Americans that have gone before.  Would they be proud of my actions today?  Would they be proud of my efforts and my sacrifices today?  In other words, am I doing my part to ensure our Republic is the home of the free?  These are questions we must ask ourselves.  And maybe Doctor Franklin was correct when he said, you have “a republic, if you can keep it!”   So, as freedom’s defender, we have our work laid out for us, as we prepare for the 2020 elections.  There is plenty to do!  Lend us a hand!   And how can I help, you ask?  Here listed are some of the activities over the next 18 months for your consideration and involvement.  Your participation makes a difference!

Aug 31 2019   Westfest Parade

Sep 2019         Pastoral Pro-Life Breakfast sponsored by our local Republican Party

Oct 2019         Local Pastors focus on Pro-Life

Oct 2019         HOT Fair, Republican Party will not have a booth this year

Nov 9 2019     First day to file for the 2020 ballot

Nov 11 2019   McLennan County Veterans Day Parade

Dec 9 2019      Last day to file for the 2020 ballot

Feb 2020         Early voting begins for 2020 Primary

Mar 3 2020     Primary Election Day

Mar 2020        McLennan County Republican Convention

May 2020        State of Texas Republican Convention

May 26 2020   Run-Off Election Day

Aug 29 2020   Westfest Parade

Oct 2020          HOT Fair, Republican Party will have a booth

Oct 2020          Early voting begins for General Election

Nov 3 2020      General Election Day

Nov 11 2020    McLennan County Veterans Day Parade

I have already begun to look forward to a great success of the Republican Party in 2020 because of your proven hard work and dedication.  I look forward to serving with you!


BrigGen (Ret) George A. Brinegar