Colonel's Column

February, 2020


In the past few days I have spoken with folks who expressed such frustration over the impeachment and trial of the President that they are considering withdrawal from active involvement in the political arena.  The actions of the Congressional democrats in lying and continuing to lie in the face of the disclosure of the truth has enhanced the divide we face within our society to the point that the Congress and our Constitution have been significantly damaged.  The partisan actions of the democrats in hopes of gaining power has likely altered forever the Constitutional requirements for impeachment, making it a weapon for politics over what is true and good for the country.  This in turn has caused some to back away from the political involvement except to vote.  If this occurs within conservative, freedom loving citizens, we have a much deeper and greater problem than just the present chasm existing between the Parties and their constituents.  We have a political battlefield abandoned by those who desire liberty and truth.  This in turn will allow evil to flourish.  It was once said that for evil to prevail, good men need only do nothing.  God forbid that is the outcome of the present Washington turmoil and attempted power grab by the socialist/ communist democrats.  I confess I am a fighter who wants my grandkids and great grandkids to know the life of liberty and opportunity freedom gives the individual if they simply take advantage of it.  When I see and hear the assault upon truth and our liberty from the radical left, I want to double down with all my might to do my part to preserve our traditional way of life under a Constitution honored by all.  I must be a voice for the protection of the Nation and the Constitution!  This must be the part played by all freedom loving people.  What we see today from the radical left democrats and socialist “progressives” is in part the result of much of the Christian community in the near past removing themselves from active political involvement.  In large measure that withdrawal gave us Barak Obama and his “fundamental transformation” of the Nation, along with radical ideology becoming everyday conversational points.  God in His mercy allowed President Trump to take office to turn us back to greatness and honor, but Evil has risen against him.  We must fight the political battles that lie before us and win through the ballot box.  We cannot afford to leave the field of battle now that the tide is turning in our favor!  The ultimate acquittal of President Trump in the Senate will not cause the evil lurking within the democrat representatives in Congress to yield and seek peace.  Rather, expect them to do as they have done with this impeachment as with the Kavanaugh hearings; continue to manufacture anything to gain their intended result.  We stand on the side of truth and it must be broadcast loudly, assuredly and often.

The most effective way to fight this battle is to pray and become involved in the process as a delegate to the County and State conventions.  It is here in these conventions that our Party Platform is established as our guide and way forward.  It is in these conventions that we express our minds and ideals through offering resolutions and voting on our State Party leadership.  Through this direct involvement in the process, we also gain strength to continue to fight for freedom, truth, dignity and worth of the individual and life itself, and shape the battlefield for victory at the polls.  All freedom loving conservatives are needed and welcome to join in this fight of preservation.  We cannot afford to lose and thereby doom our grandkids to socialism.  Faith, family and freedom are each worth our best efforts!  I look forward to leading you in our part of this fight!