2020 County Commissioner-Pct 3

George Brinegar

Brigadier General (retired) GEORGE A BRINEGAR is a native of  McLennan Co and a candidate for its PCT 3 Commissioner. With over 35 yrs of leadership experience as a 28 yr Army Veteran and later as a small business co-owner, George knows what right looks like.  He is familiar with both the government process as well as private business. Following 1978 graduation from Richfield High School in Waco, George graduated from TX A&M Univ with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  He later earned a Master’s of Science Degree from Tarleton State Univ and a Master’s in Strategic Studies from the famed US Army War College.

George is most proud of his spouse of 35 years, Christine and their 2 daughters; Tifani and Ashley.  Christine is a tenured educator.  Tifani is a graduate of TCU, an Army Nurse Corps veteran, mother of a terrific son and the wife of an Air Force Pilot.  Currently, Tifani is a trauma nurse in a Texas Border Hospital.  Ashley is a graduate of Texas A&M and a nation-wide horticulturist, based in Denver Co.  She is married to a wonderful man who is an accountant with “Ernst and Young”.  “I am most proud of my family and expect them to continually give back to their community for the many blessing we enjoy as Americans”.

George is not only a native of McLennan Co, but also a consistent conservative.  As the product of several generations here in this county, George knows the conservative culture and its people.  Both his father (George Lee Brinegar) and grandfather (George Paul Brinegar) instilled in George the values of hard work, service and integrity; what we expect in McLennan Co!

George has been extremely vocal on his firm stance regarding public service.  “It is a service to the community, not a career”.  He is a staunch supporter of a 2 Term Limit!

George is committed to being a transparent and consistent Commissioner that works for the People of Precinct 3 and one that has the willingness to build a consensus across the Court for the betterment of the entire County.

George strongly believes in a county budget that is thoughtfully balanced with a reserve.

George, having been a small business owner for 7 years, has a well-established and well known pro-business attitude.

George, without question, believes in full-time hard work.  And to show his dedication and commitment to his campaign and personal ethics, George just recently sold his interest in his “home health care company”.  As a co-founder, George’s company provided over 4000 hours of care a week with 119 employees.  But George wants to be your full-time County Commissioner so that he can focus daily and specifically on Precinct 3 and McLennan County.

“I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE, it will be one you will be proud of!”    Respectfully, George Brinegar