2020 County Commissioner-Pct 3

George Brinegar

Brigadier General (retired) GEORGE A BRINEGAR is a native of  McLennan Co and a candidate for its PCT 3 Commissioner. With over 35 yrs of leadership experience as a 28 yr Army Veteran and later as a small business co-owner, George knows what right looks like.  He is familiar with both the government process as well as private business. Following 1978 graduation from Richfield High School in Waco, George graduated from TX A&M Univ with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  He later earned a Master’s of Science Degree from Tarleton State Univ and a Master’s in Strategic Studies from the famed US Army War College.

George is most proud of his spouse of 35 years, Christine and their 2 daughters; Tifani and Ashley.  Christine is a tenured educator.  Tifani is a graduate of TCU, an Army Nurse Corps veteran, mother of a terrific son and the wife of an Air Force Pilot.  Currently, Tifani is a trauma nurse in a Texas Border Hospital.  Ashley is a graduate of Texas A&M and a nation-wide horticulturist, based in Denver Co.  She is married to a wonderful man who is an accountant with “Ernst and Young”.  “I am most proud of my family and expect them to continually give back to their community for the many blessing we enjoy as Americans”.

George is not only a native of McLennan Co, but also a consistent conservative.  As the product of several generations here in this county, George knows the conservative culture and its people.  Both his father (George Lee Brinegar) and grandfather (George Paul Brinegar) instilled in George the values of hard work, service and integrity; what we expect in McLennan Co!

George has been extremely vocal on his firm stance regarding public service.  “It is a service to the community, not a career”.  He is a staunch supporter of a 2 Term Limit!

George is committed to being a transparent and consistent Commissioner that works for the People of Precinct 3 and one that has the willingness to build a consensus across the Court for the betterment of the entire County.

George strongly believes in a county budget that is thoughtfully balanced with a reserve.

George, having been a small business owner for 7 years, has a well-established and well known pro-business attitude.

George, without question, believes in full-time hard work.  And to show his dedication and commitment to his campaign and personal ethics, George just recently sold his interest in his “home health care company”.  As a co-founder, George’s company provided over 4000 hours of care a week with 119 employees.  But George wants to be your full-time County Commissioner so that he can focus daily and specifically on Precinct 3 and McLennan County.

“I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE, it will be one you will be proud of!”


George Brinegar


County Commissioner Will Jones is the Taxpayer’s Champion. He earned that reputation fulfilling his #1 campaign promise to treat the county’s budget more like a business.

A lifelong conservative Republican, Commissioner Jones has lived in McLennan County for 30 years. After earning a business degree in finance from Baylor University in 1994, he built a career in real estate and as a stockbroker.

He put skills honed through years of managing budgets and analyzing finances to work for the people of McLennan County as County Commissioner, trimming waste, saving money, and making smart financial decisions.  A few of Commissioner Jones’ signature accomplishments include:

  • Saving taxpayers over $18 million through consolidation of offices, applying financial best practices, and reducing waste.
  • Cutting county spending by $2.2 million.
  • Establishing a Veterans Court for combat veterans of recent wars and other veterans who qualify for participation in the veterans’ court system.
  • Instituting live streaming and recording of commissioners’ court meetings for greater transparency.
  • Spearheading the McLennan County Rural Transportation District to secure reliable transportation for the entire county, allowing seniors (especially) to keep rural homes and still make it to work and medical appointments.
  • Securing upgraded radio systems for better 911 and emergency management communication.
  • Moving to return responsibility for McLennan County operations (especially Harwell jail) to our duly elected and authorized officials.

When he’s not working every detail as a budget hawk, Commissioner Jones is a devoted husband and father. His family is involved with several civic and charitable organizations, including the Boy Scouts, Waco Rotary Club, American Cancer Society, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Woodway Family Center, Mission Waco, and Kiwanis Club of West. They are members of Antioch Community Church.

Learn more about Commissioner Will Jones or get involved in his campaign at www.ElectWill.com.

Leslie Long

Leslie Long is a candidate in the Republican Primary for McLennan County Commissioner Precinct 3. Long earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2000 from Baylor University. He is an entrepreneur, real estate broker, and mortgage loan officer. As a lifelong conservative, Long believes in balanced budgets and small efficient government.

Long has always had an interest in the operation of county government and feels his background in small business, real estate, and finance would be a great asset to the county and its residents. As a loan officer, he sees firsthand how rising property taxes are affecting the affordability of housing in the county. With his experience running several startup businesses, he knows what it means to make difficult choices, operate with limited resources, and still deliver a quality service to customers. Controlling spending, budgetary issues, and helping McLennan County residents will be his top priorities on the commissioners’ court.

Long and his wife, Rachel, live in West. Rachel is a graduate of Texas A&M and the University of Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy. While Long has been in the mortgage and real estate industry for almost 20 years, Rachel is a pharmacist at HEB in Waco where she recently completed her 16th year working in their pharmacy.

Long’s family lived in Woodway through the early 80s and relocated to Falls County where Long attended school in Marlin. Growing up in a small, tight-knit community and being raised in the Methodist Church instilled conservative values in him at an early age. Baylor University reinforced those ideals and guides his decisions at every stage of life and in his career.

Honesty, integrity, and selflessness are vital to a successful career in financial services where you must place the client’s interests ahead of your own. Long feels this fiduciary duty mirrors the relationship an elected official must maintain with his or her constituents. He looks forward to bringing the same honesty, integrity and selflessness to the commissioners’ court.

“There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit.” – Ronald Reagan

Visit www.LongForTexas.org for more information.