Republican Ballot Propositions

Quite a few of you have asked where you can go see the candidate names and ballot order for your county and/or where you can see the County and Precinct Chair Candidate listing.  SOS does have that on their site.  To navigate there, from the SOS Homepage:

  • Hover over “Elections” to get the drop down menu
  • Click on “Current Election Information”
  • In the right column of the middle box, click on “New Current Election Information”
  • On this page, the first three links in the middle of the page should be:
    • “New Candidate Listing Information” which is where you can select from drop down menus to see a list of candidates.  NOTE: this listing is NOT in ballot order. In fact you can’t even see all the candidates in your county this way, but you can get a list of all candidates all across the state.
    • “New Candidate Ballot Order” – this is the page where you can see all the candidates on the ballot in your county in the order they are to appear on the ballot.  Please feel free to check to ensure all candidates are listed in the appropriate race, with the ballot name they put on their form, spelled correctly, and in the order they are supposed to be listed per your ballot draw.
      • NOTE: If a correction is needed, we can ask SOS if they can update it on the backend (email and address it to Kristi and Beva) with the required changes and your permission for them to make the change.  I don’t know if they can still make those changes, but you can ask nicely.  Additionally, you will need to notify your County Clerk/EA immediately of the needed changes.  They are the ones ordering the ballots and they will be doing so off this list, so notify them immediately to see if the correction can be made before ballots are ordered.  Also, let Kristi and Beva know that you have reached out to your Clerk/EA to know of the needed change.  Again, I don’t know if the changes can still be made, but you can certainly try.
    • “County and Precinct Chair 2020 Candidate Listing” – you can see all of the people who were entered and certified for either County or Precinct Chair on both the Republican and Democrat parties
  • For ease of access, here is the direct link to the Candidate Ballot Order page:
  • Also for ease of access, here is the direct link to the county and Precinct Chair listing: