We need your help…

Summary of action items:
1. Mark February 9th on your calendars for the Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner with Gov. Abbott.
2. Send us your pictures, past or present, of Republicans doing Republican things.
3. Send a few lines on the theme “Why I’m a Republican.”

Instructions for submitting are near the end of the article.

We need your help on a couple of things. Specifically, we need input from you for our BIG year-end newsletter and for the Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner in February.

Speaking of which, be sure to mark your calendars for February 9th for the big event. Governor Abbott will be joining us and it will be a great time.

We need PICTURES!!! We are always looking for pictures of Republicans doing Republican things, but we’ll be making a slideshow to play at the Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner and we’ll need lots and lots of them. Dig into your picture stash to find those shots of people at fundraisers, with elected officials (past and present) and while volunteering.

One of the main goals of our party is to spread the conservative message. One of the best ways to accomplish this is for you to tell your story. Why are you a Republican? It could be the story of how you became a Republican or why you work with the Republican Party? It can be a couple of sentences or a few paragraphs. This is a regular feature in our newsletter. I intend to use quotes from these submissions in our slideshow.

Here’s how to submit pictures, “Why I’m a Republican,” or any submission to your newsletter.

  • Post on Facebook @McLennanRepublicans (https://www.facebook.com/McLennanRepublicans/) and like the page.
  • Mention @McLennanRepub on your Twitter post (and don’t forget to follow).
  • Email to info@mclennanrepublicans.org
  • Email to lisadickison@gmail.com
  • All else fails, call or text Lisa at 254-733-0953 to discuss how to get them to us. She can even scan them if you don’t have a way.

This is your newsletter and we want your thoughts in it.

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