Republican Party of Texas Places Obituary for Texas Democrat Party

On Saturday June 23rd,  the Republican Party of Texas posted a mock obituary about the Texas Democratic Party. We are including a link to the post on the State Party’s website, and encourage all of you to take a look so that you can stay informed about Party happenings, and also so you can you form your own opinion regarding this. Here are Chairman Ker’s thoughts on this matter:

Friends and Patriots,

I just read the RPT Press Release published today in the Fort Worth Star Telegram announcing the death of the Texas Democratic Party.  While some may find this amusing and funny, too many times I have seen things like this backfire and cause the proponent nothing but trouble.  As for our McLennan County Republican Party, we will concentrate on promoting all of our Republican candidates from Governor Abbott and Senator Cruz on down, all worthy of our efforts and respect.  We need not attempt to make the Democrats look bad, silly or inept, for they are doing a superb job  of that on their own.  We are better than that, and we will prevail at the polls because of it.  Keep up the good work of uplifting our Party, values, morals and candidates!



The article may be viewed here: Texas Democratic Party Obituary


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