Mini-Newsletter – Announcements

Mini-Newsletter – Announcements

There are some important dates to mark on your calendar and we were too excited to wait for the next newsletter!

  • June 12: 2nd Quarter CEC meeting. As is custom, Jon will make pulled pork to enjoy while visiting before the meeting starts. We’ll gather at 6:00 pm and the meeting will start at 6:30 pm. All are welcome, but remember that only Precinct Chairs may vote.
  • July 29: Campaign Management Seminar. Times and location to be announced closer to the date. This is open to candidates, candidate staff and anyone interested in campaign management. The sponsors are Republican Party of Texas, Texas County Chairman’s Association, Abbott University and the Republican Party of McLennan County. Call HQ for more information and to let them know you plan to attend so we can start to get a head count.
  • August 12: Candidate Campaign Kickoff and Family Picnic. This is a FREE event with hot dogs, beans and chips. This is a chance for the community to meet our local Republicans and Republican candidates or possible candidates. Invite and bring friends and family. We would love to see friends from the African American and Hispanic communities. The time is yet to be set, but it will be around lunchtime. It will be held at the Cameron Park Club House.
  • This is the time of year when campaigns for the 2018 Primaries are gearing up. If you’d like to work with a candidate, contact HQ and they can put you in touch with the campaign you’d like to help with or suggest a campaign to work on.
  • The filing period in November and December is also when precinct chair candidates file. About half the precincts are currently without a chair. Precinct chairs are instrumental in the operation of the party and for getting out the Republican vote. HQ will be happy to provide you with the information you need to become involved on this level.
  • We are always recruiting election judges and election clerks, especially bilingual election clerks. Our May newsletter has a write-up by our Vice-Chair Barbara about the pay and a link to the form that you can complete and send to HQ.
  • Jon wanted to share this article with all of you. It’s from the American Thinker and written by Shari Goodman.  Below is an excerpt. The full article can be read here:

It’s a Coup!

By Shari Goodman

During the last eight years, the far left and their cohorts in the Democratic Party were successfully on their way to transforming our Constitutional Republic from a country of laws into a country of men. They arrogantly believed the last election was theirs to be had with Hillary Clinton at the helm to continue Obama’s legacy of “leading from behind.” Their mission is the “transformation of our free market, our sovereignty, and our culture to a Socialist/Communist New World Order. They didn’t count on billionaire Donald Trump, who had never before held office, to throw a wrench into their radical agenda by injecting himself into our body politic, and in return they are waging a relentless coup to have him removed from office.

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