February Newsletter

February Newsletter

The February 2017 newsletter is now available at this link:

McLennan Republicans Newsletter – February 2017

This is YOUR newsletter. We rely on submissions and suggestions from our readers for content. A very popular feature is “Why I’m a Republican.” It’s an absolute must to have submissions to write this feature. I encourage all of you to write a couple of lines about why it’s important to you to vote Republican. Everyone has a story and they are all fascinating. When you see only one, that’s because I only received one submission.

Submissions may be emailed to info@mclennanrepublicans.org.

Your story matters! Send a picture, too, please.

We really love comments, too. Please comment below about things you like about the newsletter or things you would like to see.


3 thoughts on “February Newsletter

  1. I am a Republican because I feel it is the party of the American Conservative, commonly known as the “silent majority”. We weigh our information, determine where we stand given what we find of the information then most of us will vote our conscience to reflect the welfare of our country. As a veteran of VietNam, I will vote to proclaim my patriotism and will “still” defend our country against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic.

  2. I am a republican because I believe in traditional Christian values as did the founding fathers. I will hold to those values with my vote.

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